sabato 26 settembre 2015

Ossessione - Harlem Nocturne

Io adoro New York, lo sapete.
Harlem Nocturne in questo momento mi rappresenta (ne sono  ossessionato)
Sabato notte  quindi l'ho suonata e registrata con il mio Sax (qui la versione aggiornata di Domenica sera)
Come al solito siate clementi, è il frutto di passione, poca tecnica ed una notte insonne.
Voster semper Voster

4 commenti:

  1. Il testo e' questo qui sotto?

    A nocturne for the blues played on a broken heart string
    It's wailing out the news my baby is gone from me
    Dark shadows in the rain, a telephone that won't ring
    Just memories remain of lovers that used to be

    I miss the laughs and the fun, my spot in the sun
    When I was the one, one and only
    The music and lights, those wonderful nights
    The morning is the time we'd kiss

    The laughs and the fun, my days in the sun
    They're over and done and I'm lonely
    Don't ask me to hide the heartbreak inside
    The gleaming spark is gone, the light went dark

    This nocturne for the blues took all and left me nothing
    Nothing but the blues till baby comes back to me


  2. NO!
    Deep music fills the night
    Deep in the heart of Harlem
    And though the stars are bright
    The darkness is taunting me
    Oh, what a sad refrain
    A nocturne born in Harlem
    That melancholy strain
    Forever is haunting me
    The melody sings
    Around my heart strings
    It won't let me go when I'm lonely
    I hear it in dreams
    And somehow it seems
    It makes me weep and I can't sleep
    An indigo tune
    That sings to the moon
    The lonesome refrain of a lover
    The melody sighs
    It laughs and it cries
    A moan in blue that wails
    The whole night through
    Tho' with the dawn it's gone
    The melody lives ever
    For lonely hearts to learn
    Of love in a Harlem Nocturne


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